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Music Doctor deals in all musical equipment, musical instruments, and accessories. From good old cassette tapes to finding that nice USA or Japanese made instrument, the Music Doctor can help. The catalog that is shown on this website is only a portion of what's available, so if you can't find what you want, make sure to contact the Doctor.  I can source almost anything you are looking for.


Servicing and Repairs

With over 30 years expereince, there's not much that we haven't seen. Servicing and repairs to all instruments including stringed, brass and woodwind, and electronic items such as microphones to PA systems. Everyone that works on the instruments has playing experience, so every instrument is treated like our own, producing the best work possible.


Other Services

So much has changed in the music industry over the past 30 years. Records and tapes to CD's to streaming - do you need help setting up a home studio - or maybe you have a sound system that is not behaving. The Doctors love of music means my experience has covered many applications from media to installations.

Contact me and we can talk about what you need.

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