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Yamaha PSR280
Book Sale
Acoustic Guitars
Noel in action working on a guitar effects pedal

Repairs & Service

Repairs and Servicing to just about anything musical. Guitars, Drums, Brass and Woodwind, Violins to Double bass, Banjos to Ukuleles. Amplifiers from home stereos to PA systems, Microphones to Lighting systems 

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Covering all music items, instruments and accessories


Selling most musical instruments and accessories. Online with personal delivery options. Orders are taken for individuals, schools and organisations.

New and Used items are on offer at

great prices. Online shop HERE

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Tuition and Multimedia available. Need help with your music project contact Noel

Tuition and Multimedia

Offering Private lessons on guitar and drumkit. Tuition on how to use a PA effectively, recording methods, working with computers and music, and how to get the most out of your gear. I also offer production services such as voice-overs, recording and media transfers  -  Contact me HERE

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