With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, I have a lot of knowledge to share

Playing the Guitar, Drums or Bass Guitar

My main instrument is guitar, but I also play bass guitar and just a little bit of drums.

I can offer tuition in these instruments to various, including graded levels if required.


I can help with things such as:

- purchasing the right instrument and gear you may need

- developing a good practice plan, to get you playing those songs that motivate you to play

- exam and qualifications for a path of continuing growth

- I can cater for NDIS clients when needed, individual and small group situations

- and so many more aspects of playing one of these instruments

Your music room to your Home Studio

I love to record and produce music as well, so helping in this area is something I enjoy 

No matter what level you are at with your song writing or recording journey I can help everything from

the gear side of things, through to software and the final product.

PA systems and Music Gear

Do you have a PA system or piece of equipment that just doesn't always do what you won't do it to do ? 

Are you in a workplace that has equipment that was never explained correctly? 

Does your gear make funny sounds now and again and you don't know how to fix it ? 

I offer onsite tuition for individuals and group situations

It's time you get the best out of your gear 

Online and Social Media Presence

Websites to social media, it's another world that if you're not part of you might never be seen

I can help and advise on all aspects of this ever changing environment

feel free to call me and I can discuss what options I can offer

Contact me with your enquiries, I'm happy to talk through any options of interest to you

Phone or Text - 0414 404 848

email - musicdoct@gmail.com