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Guitar Service - purchase this for yourself, family, or a friend

Guitars like any other instrument need a service and a setup about every 6 months. This varies on the climate you live in and how regular you play your instrument.

Included in a service - Instrument is first checked to see the condition and playability. After the inspection, if nothing stands out that the customer needs to know - the instrument is cleaned and prepared for new strings. Once new strings are fitted they are stretched and tuned, with a setup ready for playing. Intonation, action and other aspects of a setup are checked and adjusted as needed.

There are three levels of service.

1. $65 which includes check, clean, restring with standard strings and a playtest.

2. $95 includes all of the number one services, with added attention to any electrics or setup needs.

3. $125 includes all of the numbers one and two, with the addiction of long-life, coated strings.

For more info contact the doctor -

All work is guaranteed and as a guitar player, I always try to get the best out of any guitar.

You have a choice of dropping your instrument in or I have a pickup and delivery service for Logan City - this can be decided at checkout.

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